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I’ll be doing once a week updates with all of my articles here, but if you want the daily ones, please visit Lil’ Snorters! Thank you!

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Cars and Ready

Two quick and cute stories:
Recently, our son has learned how to say ‘car.’ It comes out double as “car car” but its a new word that he’s good with! We took him through the toy aisles of the local Wal*mart. He ran down the one with the motor mini cars, you know, the Powerwheels? He took one look at them, pointed and said “Car! Car!” It took ages to get him to be happy with a smaller (less expensive car) toy, but we now know what he’s hopefully getting in a year or two… Lol

Another funny thing happened recently, too. We asked him offhand the other big if he was ready for bed. He burbled back “waywee.” We thought it was cute but were shocked when he climbed into bed. A few days ago, we asked him if he was ready for something else, and again, he replied “waywee.” It’s safe to assume that our almost two year old is now a talker! So excited that he’s decided to finally start repeating. He’s understood a lot of speech for almost a year now, following directions and whatnaught, but this is pure evidence that he is understanding what he’s saying now. Now if we can only transition this into potty training…

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We are here and live finally!

After an entire weekend we found the folder causing the issues with moving the site and fixed it! We now have our permanent home here and couldn’t be happier! We hope you will continue to enjoy the crafts, recipes, and stories that are shared here and follow our little family as we get ready to welcome lil’ snorter #2!



We finally figured out what the problem was! Go check out the new permanent site at Lil’ Snorters. Don’t worry, I’ll still update here too 😉

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Water from the Heavens

Sweet, sweet rain! First one we’ve had in weeks here in Denton, Texas. It was windy for a bit, but now the downpour doesn’t show signs of stopping. Right when we are expecting a package for our son’s birthday (a cute little kitchen from his grandma.) but Linden is going around saying “Wain! Wain!” Gotta love it. Time to turn in for a bit to enjoy this Summer “wain”. Stay safe if you’re in our area!

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Tonight I’m making some brownies for a friend’s housewarming tomorrow at noon after my 8:30 am glucose test (yeah I know I’m brilliant! Eat all the sugar tonight so it will spike for tomorrow lol.) I will post the recipe I’m using later, along with pictures, of course!

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Welcome to LilSnorters

Welcome to LilSnorters! This site is made with moms and dads alike in mind. The name Lil’ Snorters comes from when our son was a newborn and would snort like a piglet (he still will from time to time.) It became his most used nickname (Snort, Snorts, Snorter…) and I couldn’t help but to use it for my site! Here, I will share my personal stories and adventures of parenthood, fun and thrifty craft ideas, and recipes for some great food. I’ll start off by introducing myself:

My name is Sarah, and I’ve been married to the love of my life for three years. Together, we have one little boy who will be turning two on the 26th of this month (man, does time fly by when you’re sleep deprived!) and will be welcoming our second son in October. I am 29 and love anything to do with homemaking, busy-body projects, my children, reading, movies, gaming… I guess most anything will interest me if I think on it long enough, lol.

I hope that you will enjoy my (sometimes) long ramblings and feel at home amongst the comedic tales you will find here. So, pull up a chair, sit back with that much needed glass of wine, and prepare for a treat, whether it be my citrus chicken with green beans and red potatoes recipe, how to turn a box into a playhouse, or reading about how my son recently started mimicking our cat’s meowing. 🙂

(Shameless plug of my son Linden) 😉20130709-101421.jpg

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