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The Joys of Spices


I’ll be the first to admit that spices can be extremely useful and not just in the kitchen! Did you know that if you have a cut or scrape, (if you aren’t allergic) you can put some cinnamon (right in picture) on the area to stop the bleeding and help with inflammation? Also, it can help with some people and their diabetes. Also, fresh nutmeg (feature on the left) can be used to help calm an upset stomach! Just don’t overdo the nutmeg, you can overdose on it and the reactions aren’t all that friendly. Fresh ground nutmeg can be applied to an achy tooth area to help reduce pain (works for me very well! Just pack it around the area and let sit for a while.)

Do your research before using any herbal remedies and always be aware of two things: allergies, and I am not offering any sort of diagnosis or medical advice. I am not a doctor. Lol. Take care!

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