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Gestational Diabetes

Last pregnancy, I failed my one hour test for gestational diabetes and ended up needing to take the three hour test to make sure I was clear. I was, thankfully. Well, last week, I took my one hour for Nathan and once more, I failed it! Now tomorrow I am stuck going to take another three hour test. For those of you who don’t know what that entails, you need to fast 8 hours before-hand, then while on an empty stomach, drink a glucose drink which is basically just highly concentrated sugar water. Hopefully you hold that down for the needed one hour before they draw your blood. For the three hour test, it is basically the same thing, but instead of one hour, you wait three hours while needing to have your blood drawn at least two-three times during the wait. Last week was icky enough, but I’m not sure I can go 11 hours no food or drink (other than water and ice chips) without getting sick. But, this is a much needed test that is important to take. It can help save your life and your baby’s life. If you are on the fence about having this test, I recommend biting the bullet and have it done. For more information on G.D., please ask your OB/GYN and do your <a href="; title="research"research. 🙂

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Meeting the Neighbors

So, we’ve lived at out apartment for a year and a half and I got it in my mind to share the brownies I made with our neighbors. We’ve never interacted or met really, but I wanted to be nice and maybe make a friend or two. So I took over half of a fresh baked tray on a plate and they seemed shocked, but happy. I left it at that, not really expecting to get anything in return. Well, at ten last night, someone knocks at our door. Very strange because no one ever visits us. Wouldn’t you know it? One of them had a birthday and brought my plate back with three pieces of the most moist chocolate cake for us; one for Linden, Daddy Snort, and myself! I hadn’t had an appetite all day other than for a few bananas, tea, and pretzels (thank you random moment of all day ‘morning’ sickness) but had no problem eating my one slice. I think it’s safe to say, I’m more than willing to share more of my food with them, and that I succeeded in making the friends I wanted. 🙂 With newfound friendly neighbors, we will see if I can’t make a cake and invite them over for Linden’s birthday on the 26th.

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Happy (early) birthday, Linden!



Linden’s grandma Judy sent him a red oven for his second birthday, and it is amazing. Very well built and he is loving it… Technically he doesn’t turn 2 until the 26th, but we couldn’t wait and with her blessing we gave it to him early.

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Meet Nathaniel Jax


This is little Nathaniel Jax, our little one due in October. This picture was taken at week 20. So it’s about seven weeks old! Hard to believe its been that long since we’ve seen him. Yesterday I went in for my gestational diabetes test (yes I am enjoying sugars right now until we find out if I have it or not… We don’t think so) and a measurement. I was 26 weeks 5 days in and we are measuring at 30 weeks already! My weight isn’t an issue and I am all belly right now, so it was a shock to hear we are measuring so far ahead. Nate is very active and healthy, kicking and moving daily. He also makes his demands known already, ordering his mommy to partake of the Golden Grahams boxed cereal even as we speak. Lol! I’ll keep you updated on his progress as we near our due date, but I wanted to introduce you to lil’ snorter #2!

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Play date!

Our son met his first “girlfriend” when he was about four months old and she ten. She is my friend’s beautiful little girl and they had fun. Since then they’ve only met up twice, but each time, they have had no problems warming right up to each other and playing within minutes. Now he is turning 2 this year and she is just about 2.5 years old and they had their fourth play date. I must say it was the cutest thing ever to watch them play and share today. While we were visiting, on one of their breaks from each other, she (Brenna) brought my husband about twenty books to read, and wouldn’t you know it, she climbed up in his lap and he read. And read. And read. Later on, I had the extreme pleasure of being brought some of her precious lovies (blankets and baby doll.) I hope if we ever have a little girl she’s just like her!
Back to their play date though… Brenna and Linden wound up sitting on opposite sides of a sit-n-spin just jabbering at each other (Linden is just learning how to articulate; he knows car and other simple words, but understands many more than he lets on.) Later on, I caught them playing together with a play doll house, he had the car and she was ringing the doorbell. He had the best of times today and came home to take a much needed nap. Here’s hoping we can do this more often!

(With her mom’s permission of course!)

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Our (not so little) little boy


Meet Linden. He is our 23 month old baby boy, and boy is he a little boy at that! He loves to play all day and is finally learning to sleep for naps and through the night. The sleeping is the main issue today… We recently went on a trip and his routine got out of whack. He began the dreaded co-sleeping. Never before had it interested him, but all he wanted to do was sleep in our bed, which eventually kicked me out onto the couch for a night until this solution hit us… The inflatable air mattress! We blew it up and set it on my side of the bed. Now, there are a few good things and bad things that came from this. Good thing: is he’s sleeping now in ‘his’ own bed. He will actually crawl in for naps by himself and go to sleep after asking for a sippy.
Awesome! Cute! Right? Yeah… Bad thing: he’s not sleeping in his own bed. This means hubby and I can’t watch movies or play video games or do any sort of work in our room after he goes to sleep or else we risk waking him. And believe me, you DO NOT want to wake this child from a nap. He will not be happy and you had better be prepared to stay up till four or five in the morning trying to get him back down.
I guess the moral of this post is to say: “If you are attempting a transition to a big boy bed, do not whatever you do, do not deviate from it to go anywhere. Visiting family, out of town business trips, you name it. Your butts stay home until he learns his bed is in his own room.” Although… I do like being able to look over and watch him sleep. He’s an angel, if only for those two short hours of the day 😉


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