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Gestational Diabetes

on July 16, 2013

Last pregnancy, I failed my one hour test for gestational diabetes and ended up needing to take the three hour test to make sure I was clear. I was, thankfully. Well, last week, I took my one hour for Nathan and once more, I failed it! Now tomorrow I am stuck going to take another three hour test. For those of you who don’t know what that entails, you need to fast 8 hours before-hand, then while on an empty stomach, drink a glucose drink which is basically just highly concentrated sugar water. Hopefully you hold that down for the needed one hour before they draw your blood. For the three hour test, it is basically the same thing, but instead of one hour, you wait three hours while needing to have your blood drawn at least two-three times during the wait. Last week was icky enough, but I’m not sure I can go 11 hours no food or drink (other than water and ice chips) without getting sick. But, this is a much needed test that is important to take. It can help save your life and your baby’s life. If you are on the fence about having this test, I recommend biting the bullet and have it done. For more information on G.D., please ask your OB/GYN and do your <a href="; title="research"research. 🙂


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