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Cars and Ready

on July 16, 2013

Two quick and cute stories:
Recently, our son has learned how to say ‘car.’ It comes out double as “car car” but its a new word that he’s good with! We took him through the toy aisles of the local Wal*mart. He ran down the one with the motor mini cars, you know, the Powerwheels? He took one look at them, pointed and said “Car! Car!” It took ages to get him to be happy with a smaller (less expensive car) toy, but we now know what he’s hopefully getting in a year or two… Lol

Another funny thing happened recently, too. We asked him offhand the other big if he was ready for bed. He burbled back “waywee.” We thought it was cute but were shocked when he climbed into bed. A few days ago, we asked him if he was ready for something else, and again, he replied “waywee.” It’s safe to assume that our almost two year old is now a talker! So excited that he’s decided to finally start repeating. He’s understood a lot of speech for almost a year now, following directions and whatnaught, but this is pure evidence that he is understanding what he’s saying now. Now if we can only transition this into potty training…


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