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Baked Ziti and Beef Tip Casserole

on July 16, 2013


Years ago, I got to sample this at a food store and loved it. Since then, I’ve refined and tweaked it so much that it became another signature dish of mine. It will last a family of three about two days (if you eat like we do) and is more like a simple spaghetti casserole than anything else. I hope you enjoy it!

What you’ll need:

1 box ziti noodles
1 jar of Classico portobello mushroom and olive sauce
1/2 jar water (from the Classico jar)
1 large can of olive (cut or whole – if whole break them up)
1 large can of mushrooms -bits and stems works fine
1 large package of beef tips (if you’re on a budget, stew meat works well if you cook it tender enough)
1 can Parmesan cheese
1 small bag of mozzarella cheese

Preheat your oven to 350 and grease up a 9×12 glass baking dish
While your noodles cook, brown your meat
Once browned, drain and add the sauce and water to the meat, continuing to cook the juices in
Add your olives and mushrooms and cook the mix down some (not thick and not soupy)
Once your noodles are done, drain them and add the Parmesan cheese to them and mix well
Pour the noodles into the baking dish and once the meat mix is done, pour that over it
Cover thoroughly with the mozzarella and a little more Parmesan
Put into oven and bake until the cheese is golden brown

Like I said, a simple recipe, but a good one! Dig in, and eat up!


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