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Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

on July 13, 2013


Chicken Noodle Soup

A wonderful thing to eat when you’re sick… My husband always asks for this when he is.

What you’ll need:

3-4 cleaned chicken breasts
egg noodles (or any noodle… in the photo I can also see some zitti)
fresh parsley
6-7chicken broth boullion cubes (yes this makes for a rich and hearty soup)
butter to taste
Pepperoncinni to taste

Boil your water and add the chicken boullion cubes
Once melted, add the chicken
Let the chicken cook to almost done and add the noodles.
Add your butter (it makes sure the noodles don’t stick and adds to the flavor)
Add your parsley to taste
Let the meal cook down until the liquid looks like it does in the picture (or close to, should take about 1-1 1/2 hours))
Add your peppers if you want
(Also great for cold days!)


6 responses to “Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

  1. I love home made chicken noodle soup and make mine very similar to the way you do. I’ve never tried pepperincini in soup, but I love them, so I must try this. I like to add a can of corn and some potato chunks to my chicken noodle soup–sort of a cheater’s Amish version. My grandmother lived near an Amish town, so there was a lot of Amish influence in her cooking.

    • pyercich says:

      Oh, your pseudo-Amish recipe sounds good too. I’ll have to try it next time we make it. Gotta love the foods we are passed down: they’re great family heirlooms!

      • Yes, they are. I posted my recipe on my blog last winter if you want to check it out. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

      • pyercich says:

        I will check it out, for sure! When I make it, I’ll be sure to credit you for it and give a picture ;). Tonight, though, is Okra Gumbo and Banana Puddin’. I will, and I hope yours is a great one too!

      • Home made naner pudding? Oh my!

      • pyercich says:

        Oh yes… Comes from my Great-grandma Snazzy and prolly further back. I’ll need to ask Mamaw how old the recipe is. Being pregnant, I’m getting my second wind in my third trimester and am on a major cooking crafting spree. Loving sweets right now, lol.

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