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Play date!

on July 11, 2013

Our son met his first “girlfriend” when he was about four months old and she ten. She is my friend’s beautiful little girl and they had fun. Since then they’ve only met up twice, but each time, they have had no problems warming right up to each other and playing within minutes. Now he is turning 2 this year and she is just about 2.5 years old and they had their fourth play date. I must say it was the cutest thing ever to watch them play and share today. While we were visiting, on one of their breaks from each other, she (Brenna) brought my husband about twenty books to read, and wouldn’t you know it, she climbed up in his lap and he read. And read. And read. Later on, I had the extreme pleasure of being brought some of her precious lovies (blankets and baby doll.) I hope if we ever have a little girl she’s just like her!
Back to their play date though… Brenna and Linden wound up sitting on opposite sides of a sit-n-spin just jabbering at each other (Linden is just learning how to articulate; he knows car and other simple words, but understands many more than he lets on.) Later on, I caught them playing together with a play doll house, he had the car and she was ringing the doorbell. He had the best of times today and came home to take a much needed nap. Here’s hoping we can do this more often!

(With her mom’s permission of course!)


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