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Meet Nathaniel Jax

on July 11, 2013


This is little Nathaniel Jax, our little one due in October. This picture was taken at week 20. So it’s about seven weeks old! Hard to believe its been that long since we’ve seen him. Yesterday I went in for my gestational diabetes test (yes I am enjoying sugars right now until we find out if I have it or not… We don’t think so) and a measurement. I was 26 weeks 5 days in and we are measuring at 30 weeks already! My weight isn’t an issue and I am all belly right now, so it was a shock to hear we are measuring so far ahead. Nate is very active and healthy, kicking and moving daily. He also makes his demands known already, ordering his mommy to partake of the Golden Grahams boxed cereal even as we speak. Lol! I’ll keep you updated on his progress as we near our due date, but I wanted to introduce you to lil’ snorter #2!


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