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Glasses of a Different Color

on July 11, 2013


Have you ever gotten tired of your glasses color but really can’t or don’t want to afford a new pair just for the aesthetics? Now you can fix that easily! Use nail polish to paint your glasses a new hot shade of pink (like I did) or a cool blue to match your eyes. This works on both plastic and metal frames, though I highly recommend removing your lenses before you start.

To do this, as I said, remove the lenses if possible. If not, cut a bit of cloth tape to cover them (after you clean the frames) around the glass edge or if you are okay with it, cover the lenses with Vaseline. It’ll make it easy to remove any that gets on the lenses. Clean the frames using warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. Now you are ready for painting!

Normally, I use a quick dry base coat (clear) and do one coat and set to dry. Start on the ear pieces as it will make holding them easier. Once the base coat is applied, have your favorite (new bottle) of color(s) ready, it’s time to have fun! You have full leeway to be creative here. Polka dots? Cool! Stripes or even just a solid color are fun options as well. Once this next coat is done (again quick dry polishes are the best to use) you are ready to put your lenses back in.

You may notice that my glasses have a flower on them. I have a good reason for that other than the cuteness of it: my son doesn’t like me wearing them, and broke the frames. I used a hot glue gun to make dots on a bit of plastic and painted them. I attached it with another dab of glue and let dry. True my ear piece is frozen in that position now, but at least the break isn’t ugly now!

Have fun and be creative with your new peeper keepers!


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