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Country-style French Toast

on July 11, 2013


This has got to be one of my more favorite breakfasts. French toast with sugar for a dipping side. Normally everyone wants seconds of it! I will warn you, I have never measured the ingredients for this particular dish. I was taught as a little girl to use my senses to cook with on certain recipes and this is one of them. That means taste your dish! Smell your dish! Use your eyes to see if it looks okay…

What you will need:

(For a serving size of two)

4-6 pieces of thick sliced bread (Thick holds up better when frying.)
A cinnamon shaker
Either fresh ground nutmeg or a nutmeg shaker
5 or so eggs
~3 Tbs vanilla extract*
~1 Cup sugar*
A tub of butter to use to fry with (Yes, I said butter and I did warn you I am a southern cook, lol)
1 large tall lipped frying pan

(~ = give or take)

How to cook:
This recipe goes very fast, so ill only have you start the heat and frying pan up after you make the mix.
In a large mixing bowl, beat all of your eggs up till they are nice and scrambled.
Add your cinnamon and nutmeg and beat in. Use as much as you like to taste. I prefer about six or seven (per each spice) good shakes as this has to be used for all of the bread.
Add your sugar slowly, again to your sugar liking. I am not telling you to taste the eggs by the way. Just keep in mind your preference. Keep in mind the consistency of the eggs. They should still beat smoothly.
Add your vanilla.
Beat up the whole mixture.
Heat up your butter (use an appropriate amount for a very thin layer to spread on the entirety of the pan)
Dip each piece of bread in the mix (up to three at a time can go into the pan) and fry until the egg is fluffy and done.
Fry up any remaining eggs for some tasty scrambled eggs.
Add the remainder of your sugar to the side of the plate and serve hot! Enjoy this sweet take on normal French Toast.


2 responses to “Country-style French Toast

  1. hiersexdate says:

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    • pyercich says:

      Thank you very much! I will for sure keep posting more interesting recipes and articles in the future. My husband has been wrangling with switching the site over to my per enact domain name, but we are having problems. As soon as its moved though, I’ll make sure to post double to catch up! Again, thank you for visiting. 🙂

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