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Bacon and Egg Cups

on July 11, 2013


Egg and bacon cups… Very yummy and super easy to make. I made these a while ago for my family when we had guests visiting, and it sure does take cooking time down b a lot so you don’t miss a moment with the visitors.

What you’ll need:

1 dozen eggs
1-2 packs bacon (I normally get store bought prepackaged, but you can use what you like. Keep in mind it’s better to use thing sliced so it cooks faster and better.)
A muffin tin (mine is silicone but you can use the metal ones. Just make sure it’s non-stick!)
A pan to fry the bacon (or you can microwave it. I recently learned you can pop bacon in the microwave -yes raw bacon!- cover it with a paper towel and cook for a few minutes)
Optional- cheese, salt, veggies of our choice

Pre-heat the oven to around 400-425 depending on what time you have available. i prefer 400 for a slow cook.
Start off by cooking your bacon. Make sure it’s pliable but mostly cooked. You don’t need it crispy or it will not bend to make the cup in the tins. Again frying pan or microwave are both fine to cook it.
Once the bacon is all done, start lining the muffin tins with the bacon. Cover all the area you can of each cup so the egg and whatever add-ins you’ve chosen wont fall through much.
You can either crack your egg whole or scramble them. If you have add-ins, add them to scrambled eggs now.
Pour the eggs into each cup. And leave some room for any expanding. Remember these will be a little greasy too…
Put your cheese on top if you like now.
Put into oven and cook until the eggs are done. Each muffin tin is different, but mine normally take about 20 minutes to complete.
Let cool for three minutes or so and serve! Enjoy the blended flavor of bacon eggs and maybe asparagus and cheddar cheese together.


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