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Welcome to LilSnorters

on July 9, 2013

Welcome to LilSnorters! This site is made with moms and dads alike in mind. The name Lil’ Snorters comes from when our son was a newborn and would snort like a piglet (he still will from time to time.) It became his most used nickname (Snort, Snorts, Snorter…) and I couldn’t help but to use it for my site! Here, I will share my personal stories and adventures of parenthood, fun and thrifty craft ideas, and recipes for some great food. I’ll start off by introducing myself:

My name is Sarah, and I’ve been married to the love of my life for three years. Together, we have one little boy who will be turning two on the 26th of this month (man, does time fly by when you’re sleep deprived!) and will be welcoming our second son in October. I am 29 and love anything to do with homemaking, busy-body projects, my children, reading, movies, gaming… I guess most anything will interest me if I think on it long enough, lol.

I hope that you will enjoy my (sometimes) long ramblings and feel at home amongst the comedic tales you will find here. So, pull up a chair, sit back with that much needed glass of wine, and prepare for a treat, whether it be my citrus chicken with green beans and red potatoes recipe, how to turn a box into a playhouse, or reading about how my son recently started mimicking our cat’s meowing. ๐Ÿ™‚

(Shameless plug of my son Linden) ๐Ÿ˜‰20130709-101421.jpg


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