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Our (not so little) little boy

on July 9, 2013


Meet Linden. He is our 23 month old baby boy, and boy is he a little boy at that! He loves to play all day and is finally learning to sleep for naps and through the night. The sleeping is the main issue today… We recently went on a trip and his routine got out of whack. He began the dreaded co-sleeping. Never before had it interested him, but all he wanted to do was sleep in our bed, which eventually kicked me out onto the couch for a night until this solution hit us… The inflatable air mattress! We blew it up and set it on my side of the bed. Now, there are a few good things and bad things that came from this. Good thing: is he’s sleeping now in ‘his’ own bed. He will actually crawl in for naps by himself and go to sleep after asking for a sippy.
Awesome! Cute! Right? Yeah… Bad thing: he’s not sleeping in his own bed. This means hubby and I can’t watch movies or play video games or do any sort of work in our room after he goes to sleep or else we risk waking him. And believe me, you DO NOT want to wake this child from a nap. He will not be happy and you had better be prepared to stay up till four or five in the morning trying to get him back down.
I guess the moral of this post is to say: “If you are attempting a transition to a big boy bed, do not whatever you do, do not deviate from it to go anywhere. Visiting family, out of town business trips, you name it. Your butts stay home until he learns his bed is in his own room.” Although… I do like being able to look over and watch him sleep. He’s an angel, if only for those two short hours of the day 😉



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