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Buttery Citrus Blasted Drunk Chicken with Green Beans and Red Potatoes

on July 9, 2013

This is one of my signature recipes. My whole family loves this (although my son’s favorite dipping sauce for this is chocolate pudding for some reason, though I’m not sure that I’drecommend that, lol.) So very juicy, tender… It just falls apart. Gone in ten minutes.


How to cook this chicken…

What you will need:

A roaster pan large enough for everything
1 chicken (2-3 pounder was used for this, so adjust measurements and things accordingly) cleaned, and de-pinfeathered with no gibblets or neck
Webbers Lemon Seasoning for poultry and fish (1 full shaker)
1 1/2-2 stick unsalted butter
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Lucky Duck riesling wine or a sweet moscato.
3 tangelos (halved) or oranges (halved)
lemon juice
6-8 small red potatoes (scrub clean and cut grooves in them to let juices in)
A few handfuls of green beans (snap the ends off and wash before using)


After chicken is clean and skin (still attached) is separated from the meat, put into appropriate sized dish.
Smother in the olive oil and let the oil cover the bottom of the dish
Pour 1/4 to 2/3 of the riesling (depending on bottle size) over the chicken and let it further fill the dish. Pour yourself a glass to enjoy while finishing 😉
Squeeze the tangelos into the chicken and the dish, stuffing two halves into the chicken’s core (between these, put the 1/2 stick butter) and put the used halves in the dish with the juices
pour some lemon juice into the mix and over the chicken as well
Cover the top of the chicken and under the skin with the seasonings, and rosemary, making sure you have a nice and thickish coating
Put the potatoes and green beans into the dish surrounding the chicken.
Cut the sticks of butter into pats and put it around the chicken for extra moistness.
Cover and cook in oven at 475 until your themometer reads done (depending on the themometer, you may have a different reading style)
Very yummy! Enjoy!


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